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Even though my school teacher was good at explaining concepts, she doesn't give us enough IB style questions and so I struggled a lot during my tests. I also couldn't find enough exam style questions online because the syllabus was new. Fortunately, my friends recommended EDXP to me and it has been a game changer for me. There are so many questions to practice and I improve a lot just by using EDXP. It also helps to point out my weaknesses which allows me to work harder on these areas. I went from a 3 to 5 in 3 months and I am confident of getting a 6 for my finals.


GEMS Dubai American Academy, UAE

I struggled with mathematics ever since I started DP2. No matter the efforts I chose to make, I had difficulties to succeed as a student in HL. However, my friend made me discover EdXP, which was a platform I had never heard of in the past. Gradually, as I practiced the different topics, my understanding on the topics drastically improved, and it reflected on my grades. I would recommend to any student studying IB maths to practice and acquire skills on EdXP because it has been a life savior to me. Every IB student needs to nail the topics in order to attain 7, and in my opinion EdXP is the best thing out there to do so.


Enko Waca International School, Senegal

Ed XP has become an integral part of my maths revision for improving my maths ability. Ed XPs program is versatile and can help everyone reach the level of maths they wish to be at. I have found the sub-topic system very helpful in finding exactly where my weaknesses lie, as well as improving those weaknesses. The exam-style questions are helpful with revision because you can ensure that you are prepared for what will be placed in front of you come exam time. The levelling-up system is a constant motivator to work harder and keep going. It is a great system for those who tend to procrastinate. I have found Ed XP to be very helpful in building my confidence when answering maths equations.


Scotts College Wellington, New Zealand

For a while i struggled so much with ib math, it was a subject that i never knew how to study for or what i should be focusing on, but with edxp i’ve definitely noticed a significant change in my performance in the subject. My favorite feature is definitely the levelling up feature which makes math feel like a game and it motivates me to use the website more!


IGB International School, Malaysia

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After having finished the ib exams, I definitely thought this platform was extremely helpful. I did find some questions to be very similar to what I had done on EdXP and it made me very happy when I saw it on the exam.  This showed me that EdXP prepared me really well for the exam and allowed myself to improve my level in math. I will definitely recommend this to other students and perhaps teachers to spread the word about EdXP!


International School of Geneva - La Grande Boissière Campus, Switzerland

I really like the levels and the categorising of questions. I like the Pior Learning Topics which is important in helping me to learn the basics of some topics which I find can be sometimes overlooked. I was able to learn new tricks from topics like Sequences & Series. I also like the aesthetics of EdXP, it is nice and user friendly. I even recommended EdXP to my friends and my teacher to share with others


Advanced Learning School, Saudi Arabia

Being a user-tester for Ed-XP’s prototype, I must commend that Ed-XP is an excellent platform for IB students to ‘work smart’. Ed-XP is a platform that provides exam-type questions in a topical fashion. It not only marks your work for you but also provides you with straightforward explanations and detailed marking schemes. More importantly, the platform also assesses your proficiency level across a myriad of topics, thereby determining which topics require greater focus and attention. Had Ed-XP existed in my days as an IB student, I would not have had to plough through the endless amounts of exam papers and marking schemes, thereby granting me more time for other commitments. Looking back, perhaps if I had the luxury of time, I could have done better in studying for my weaker subjects and obtain a better score in the IB. 

40 points

 St. Joseph’s Institution, Singapore

Ben Yeo.jpeg
I have been working with the team behind EdXP since 2017 in their endeavour to bring quality IB education to students around the world. We worked together to teach and guide IB students based in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Europe and the USA in various ways to succeed in these examinations and beyond. Reporting directly to the founding team, I know that they are passionate about this cause and have a team of experienced and competent IB specialists whose expertise go far beyond education itself. I also play a consulting role with the creation of EdXP and I’m confident that this will help IB students around the world to achieve success.

42 points

 Anglo-Chinese School (Independent)

Thankfully, Dr. Boon, my tutor and the creator of EdXP, stepped in and advised me on my topic and approach and taught me everything I needed to know about the internal assessment. Dr Boon was probably one of the best tutors I had. And trust me, I’ve had quite a few. My mother was a hardcore ‘tiger mom’ back when I was in middle school, so I’ve attended a myriad of tutoring lessons. But Dr. Boon exceeded my expectations. Dr. Boon’s ability to adapt to my learning styles and tailor the lessons to fit my weaknesses worked exceptionally, to which I graduated from Dulwich College Singapore with a 7 in HL Mathematics Analysis & Approaches.

43 points

Dulwich Shanghai and Singapore

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