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  • What is EdXP?
    EdXP is an online education platform that empowers students to achieve their best by giving them all the necessary tools (and more) to take charge of their own learning. The EdXP platform boasts revolutionary assessment, diagnosis, recommendation and practice features that students can depend on to meet their academic goals.
  • How best should I use EdXP for my learning?
    Know where you stand by getting yourself assessed by the EdXP platform. Allow the platform to diagnose your strengths and weaknesses and recommend how you can make improvements to reach your goals. Follow the recommendations and practise diligently on the available practice questions. Don’t be surprised if you begin to gain a deeper understanding of concepts, grow in confidence and score for your examinations.
  • What courses does EdXP cover?
    Only the IB Diploma examinations at this very moment. But watch this space as there are plans to cover other major examinations such as the IGCSE, GCE A Level, GCE O Level, SAT and ACT etc.
  • Does EdXP only cover IB Mathematics?
    Yes, for now. However, there are other subjects and examinations in the pipeline. Watch this space!
  • How are EdXP’s questions set?
    The EdXP questions are modelled closely after actual examination questions. They are set by the very best subject specialists in that particular examination. For example, for IB Mathematics, questions are set and curated by top IB Mathematics specialists. These specialists are teachers who have spent years teaching and amassed an impeccable track record of helping students score top marks.
  • Is EdXP relevant to and effective for my examinations?
    Most definitely yes! Make full use of the features EdXP has to offer. Identify your strengths and weaknesses by having yourself assessed and diagnosed by the platform. Follow the recommendations and practise diligently. Many of the practice questions are the type of questions you can expect to see in your examinations. If you stay the course and trust the process, academic success will be well within reach.
  • Can I be logged in on multiple devices?
    For security purposes, only 1 device can be logged in at any given time. If you have been logged out of your account, please check that you are not logged in on any other device.
  • What type of device is best used for logging into EdXP?
    We recommend using a desktop or laptop for the best learning experience with EdXP.
  • Is there a free trial?
    Of course there is! We offer a one-week free trial for you to enjoy, get hooked on, and experience the benefits of EdXP. To claim your free trial, simply sign up for an account on the EdXP platform and unlock a subject of your choice by selecting the 'free trial' option.
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