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A results-proven self-learning platform with thousands of questions that empowers you to take charge of your learning and achieve your best.
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Why Students Love EdXP

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More than 1500 original questions per subject

Detailed solutions and mark scheme

Ongoing diagnosis to tell you your strengths and weaknesses

Recommender feature to tell you what you need to work on

Customise your own assessments according to topics and difficulty levels


Determine your strengths and weakness when you use EdXP. It will even tell you your proficiency levels from 1-5 across all topics and even at the concepts level


Practise with thousands of exam-type questions with 5 difficulty levels to choose from and learn from crystal clear explanations and mark scheme.


With constant practice, you will see a marked improvement in your Math results in a short period of time. Stay the course and EdXP will deliver the coveted 7 to you.


Start by taking an initial assessment that allows EdXP to identify your proficiency across all topics



​"Even though my school teacher was good at explaining concepts, she doesn't give us enough IB style questions and so I struggled a lot during my tests. I also couldn't find enough exam style questions online because the syllabus was new. Fortunately, my friends recommended EDXP to me and it has been a game changer for me. There are so many questions to practice and I improve a lot just by using EDXP. It also helps to point out my weaknesses which allows me to work harder on these areas. I went from a 3 to 5 in 3 months and I am confident of getting a 6 for my finals."

Aya, M23

GEMS Dubai American Academy, UAE

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After having finished the ib exams, I definitely thought this platform was extremely helpful. I did find some questions to be very similar to what I had done on EdXP and it made me very happy when I saw it on the exam.  This showed me that EdXP prepared me really well for the exam and allowed myself to improve my level in math. I will definitely recommend this to other students and perhaps teachers to spread the word about EdXP!

Chiara, M23

International School of Geneva - La Grande Boissière Campus,



"EdXP has become an integral part of my maths revision for improving my maths ability. EdXPs program is versatile and can help everyone reach the level of maths they wish to be at. I have found the sub-topic system very helpful in finding exactly where my weaknesses lie, as well as improving those weaknesses. The exam-style questions are helpful with revision because you can ensure that you are prepared for what will be placed in front of you come exam time. The levelling-up system is a constant motivator to work harder and keep going. It is a great system for those who tend to procrastinate. I have found EdXP to be very helpful in building my confidence when answering maths equations."

Ashley, N23

Scotts College Wellington, New Zealand

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