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Experience the
Power of IBDP
Math Mastery
EdXP is the fastest way to excel in IBDP Math. With personalized learning paths, real-time progress tracking, and advanced diagnostic and recommendation features, students are empowered to achieve their best.

Personalised Recommendations

Our color-coded hexagons highlight your strong and weak areas, while our assessment module recommends questions of your level for focused improvement.


Deep Learning

We organized all topics into sub-topics and concepts of up to 5 difficulty levels, ensuring a deep understanding for you to attain proficiency and mastery.

For Anyone. Anywhere.

Designed for IBDP students worldwide, EdXP ensures inclusivity and quality education regardless of your location and background.

Why Students Love EdXP

IBDP Math for Students

Experience the ultimate support for your IBDP Math journey with EdXP. Our platform provides students with thousands of original questions and cutting-edge proprietary algorithms designed to enhance your learning and boost academic performance. Through personalized practice, real-time progress tracking, and detailed diagnostics, EdXP empowers you to master complex concepts and achieve your best. Join a global community of students excelling in IBDP Math and take control of your learning with the innovative tools that EdXP has to offer.

IBDP Math for Schools

Join the ranks of IB schools worldwide partnering with EdXP to empower students and teachers alike. Students will be provided access to our vast repository of original questions and cutting-edge proprietary algorithms to help them achieve academic excellence. Additionally, teachers will gain access to the transformative potential of our Teacher Dashboard, providing real-time insights of students performance to customize teaching strategies and drive student success like never before.

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