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IBDP Math For Schools

Enhancing Classroom Learning with EdXP


EdXP offers comprehensive tools to enhance classroom learning and provide a personalized experience for students. By integrating EdXP into your teaching strategies, you can reinforce concepts, identify strengths and weaknesses, and prepare students for exams more effectively.


Reinforce Concepts Taught in Class

After teaching a concept, teachers can have students start practicing questions from Level 1 and aim to reach Level 3. This encourages students to apply what they've learned to increasingly difficult questions, solidifying their understanding. 


Identify Students’ Strengths and Weaknesses


After completing a topic, teachers can have students assess themselves. EdXP provides questions from various sub-topics and concepts, helping students identify their strengths and weaknesses right down to the concepts level.


Revision Tool for Exam Preparation

After completing the syllabus, teachers can assign students tasks at the subject level. As students attempt more questions, EdXP will be able to identify their strengths and weaknesses and recommend questions for targeted practice.


Empowering Teachers with Real-Time Insights

Our Teacher Dashboard empowers teachers to monitor student performance across various topics, sub-topics, and concepts in real time. By pinpointing exactly where students are excelling and where they need more support, teachers can provide a more effective and personalized learning experience. This continuous feedback loop helps in adapting teaching methods to meet the needs of each student, ensuring no one is left behind.

By combining the classroom integration of EdXP with the powerful insights provided by the Teacher Dashboard, schools can enhance their teaching methodologies and improve student outcomes. Teachers can use real-time data to identify gaps in knowledge, reinforce learning, and prepare students for their exams more effectively.


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If you would like to learn more about how we have been partnering with IB schools to transform teaching and learning, let us know and we will reach out accordingly. Together, we can ensure that your school is equipped with the tools needed to foster academic excellence and support every student's learning journey.

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