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IBDP Math For Students

Empower Yourself with EdXP

We use cutting-edge technology to give you the tools to succeed. EdXP categorizes questions into concepts and up to five difficulty levels. This allows you to learn progressively at your own pace, covering the entire syllabus. From basic conceptual questions to IB exam-standard problems, EdXP has it all. 

Our proprietary algorithm provides a precise diagnosis of your strengths and weaknesses right down to the concept level. This means you get detailed feedback on where you excel and where you need more practice. Think of EdXP as your digital tutor, always ready to give you real-time feedback and personalized recommendations.

Your Path to Success

EdXP supports your learning journey by offering a tailored approach to studying. You can rely on EdXP to help you understand difficult topics and improve your skills. With EdXP, you are not just preparing for exams; you are building a strong foundation for future success.

Try EdXP Today

Experience the EdXP difference and see how you can be empowered with the right tools to achieve your best.


Join a global community of students excelling in IBDP Math and let EdXP guide you towards success!

Explore More Resources

For additional support, check out our YouTube channel filled with Math revision videos. These videos are designed to help you review key concepts, practice problem-solving, and gain a deeper understanding of the material. Subscribe now and get access to valuable resources that complement your EdXP experience.

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